Rising P-pop groups as stars of OPM (2024)

In the past few years, the Philippine pop music scene, also known as P-pop, has seen numerous local groups gain international recognition.

And, thus, the landscape of the Original Pinoy Music (OPM) as we know it has never been the same since.

Check out some of these groups here, their members, and some of the songs they're famous for.

Here are 24 P-POP Groups to watch out for


Also known as First.One, this P-pop group trained under FirstOne Entertainment.

At the P-Pop Best Chart Awards, they were named P-pop Group of the Year in 2021 and P-pop Boy Group of the Year in 2022.

Members: Ace, Alpha, Max, J, Jayson, Joker

Famous Songs: "Ttak Maja Nuh," "Shout Out," "Turn Up," "Dahil Sa Mahal Kita," Problem Child," "Oras"


Alamat was launched by Viva Artist Agency ang Ninuno Media in 2020 with nine members.

It has been known to sing at least parts of their songs in Tagalog, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Bikolano, and Waray.


Fast forward to March 2022, its members is down to six,

Members: Alas, Gami (former), Mo, Jao, Kin (former), R-Ji, Taneo, Valfer (former)

Famous Songs: "Aswang," "Gayuma," "ILY," "Hala," "ILY," "Maharani," "Say U Love Me"


Also known as Star Hunt Academy Boys o SHA Boys, BGYO was formed in 2018 through ABS-CBN Star Hunt Academy.

It debuted in 2021 under ABS-CBN's talent management arm, Star Magic.

The members co-write most of their songs, which usually revolve around the following themes: hope, youth empowerment, and self-love.

Members: Akira, Gelo, JL, Mikki, Nate

Famous Songs: "Tumitigil Ang Mundo," "Magnet," "PNGNP," "The Baddest," "Kundiman"

Rising P-pop groups as stars of OPM (1)




Just like BGYO, BINI is a product of Star Hunt Academy (SHA).

Some of BINI's awards so far: Favorite Group Artist in 34th AWIT Awards in 2021, and Most Promising Talent in Musician's Category in Preview Creative 25: 2022.

Members: Aiah, Colet, Gwen, Jhoanna, Maloi, Mikha, Sheena, Stacey

Famous Songs: "Da Coconut Nut," "Born to Win," "Karera," "Pantropiko," and "Salamin"

Rising P-pop groups as stars of OPM (2)


Calista started with six members.

The group was officially launched on February 14, 2022, by Merlion Entertainment

Members: Anne, Dain, Denise, Elle, Olive, Laiza (former)

Famous Songs: "Race Car," "Don't Have Time," "Christmas Rush"


Daydream is now down to three members from the original four when the group debuted on April 30, 2021.

It is managed by Underdog Music and Rebel Records.

Members: Awie (former), Denise, Jom (former), Kelly (former), Kiara

Famous Songs: "Fallin' 4 U," "Lumayo," "Stay Stuck"


Joyden, DK, and Clara were all members of disbanded group LUNA.

On April 7, 2022, they re-launched as Dione along with Ella, and released their debut single "Bling Bling."

Members: Clara, DK, Ella, Joyden

Famous Songs: "Bling Bling," "Break You Down," "Pangako"


G22 is VXON's sister group. Both are managed by Cornerstone Entertainment.

It officially debuted on February 25, 2022 with its single "Bang!"

Members: AJ, Alfea, Bianca (former), Jaz


Famous Songs: "Bang!," "Boomerang," "Babalik," "Musika"


Hori7on is a South Korean-based boy group formed in 2023.

It is the first Filipino P-pop group that debuted in South Korea.

Members: Jeromy, Kim, Kyler, Marcus, Reyster, Vinci, Winston

Famous Songs: "Six7een," "Birthday," "Dash"


HYV is an all-boys group under Dream Big Global Entertainment. It debuted on Marso 17, 2023.

Members: Jules, Kali, Lee-An, Sora

Famous Songs: "Alawkulay"


Kaia is SB19's sister group, and is also under ShowBT Philippines.

The all-girls group officially debuted on April 8, 2022 with its single "Blah Blah."

Members: Alexa, Angela, Charice, Charlotte, Joanna (former), Sophia

Famous Songs: "Kaya," "Blah Blah," "Turn Up," "Dalawa"

Rising P-pop groups as stars of OPM (3)



Litz was a group under Viva Records.

It debuted on Marso 8, 2022, but unofficially disbanded around late November or early December 2022.

Members: Ashtine, Bianca, Fatima, Heart, Yumi (former)

Famous Songs: "Kidlat"


MNL48 was born in 2018, the fourth international sister group of AKB48 from Japan.

It is AKB48's sister group which had 48 members for its first generation.

Current Members: Amy, Cole, Charm, CJ, Coleen, Dana, Ella, Frances, Jamie, Jem, Jie, Kath, Klaire, Klaryle, Lara, Lyza, Miho, Princess, Rachel, Rhea, Rianna, Sheki

Former Members: Abby, Alex, Alice, Aly, Alyssa, Amy, Andi, Ann, Arol, Ash, Belle, Brei, Cassey, Celine, Cess, Dani, Daryll, Dian, Ecka, Eda, Emz, Erica, Essel, Faith, Gabb, Gail, Gia, Glaze, Grace, Hazel, Ice, Ikee, Ish, Isylle, Jan, Jana, Jaydee, Jash, Jean, Jelay, Jewel, Joyce, Kana, Karla, Kay, Kyla, Laney, Lei, Madie, Mae, Mari, Mela, Miyaka, Naomi, Necca, Niah, Nile Nice, Nina, Nix, Quincy, Rain, Rans, Reiko, Reina, Rowee, Ruby, Ruth, Sam, Sandra, Sayaka, Sela, Sha, Shaina, Shaira, Sun, Thea, Tin, Trish, Trixie, Van, Vira, Vern, Yiesha, Yna, Yssa, Yzabel, Zen


Famous Songs: "Aitakatta," "Ikaw ang Melody," "High Tension," "Gingham Check"


Formerly known as SBTCBoys, PLUUS is a boy group under SBTown. The group debuted on March 31, 2023.

Members: Gab, Haro, JL, Justin, Theo, Yen

Famous Songs: "Missing You," "Cross My Heart," "My Time," "Amigo"


PPOP Generation has been around since 2019. Its songs revolve around women empowerment and positivity.

Current Members: Angela, Charlene, Gabh, Madz, Princess, Sarah, Sofia

Former Members: Alex, Aliyah, Amber, Angel, Apphle, Aryan, Ashley, Ashtine, Bianca, Candy, Cassy, Cess, Charlize, Che, Cherish, Christel, Christy, Clare, Collen, Danica, Daniella, DC Mhay, Denise, Edsel, Elizha, Fatima, Hailey, Hannah, Heart, Issey, Ivy, Janeen, Jastine, Joy, Kitkat, Lee, Mary Ann, Mylene, Paula, TJ, Vianne, Yumi, Yvon

Famous Songs: "Ikaw at Ako," Boom Ganda," "Wrapped Around My Finger"

Press Hit Play

Formerly known as Power House Philippines, Press Hit Play used PHP's former mononym.

It was formed in 2018, disbanded for a time, and relaunched in 2021.


Members: CHRLS, J.O, JV, Sev, Yukito, Yuuki, Zi.O

Famous Songs: "Marilag," "Yuno," "Forever Young," "Balaraw"

R Rules

On Novenber 5, 2021, it was announced that R Rules would debut under MCA Music.

It was formally introduced on November 24, with its digital single "DNY," a hip-hop song in Japanese and Filipino-English.

Members: Rei, Risa, Riyo, Ruri (former)

Famous Songs: "Girl Gang," "DNY"


SB19 debuted in 2018.

It went viral in late 2019, thanks to its "Go Up" dance practice video.

SB19 is the first Southeast Asian act that got nominated at the Billboard Music Awards.

It is also the first Southeast Asian act that made it to the top 10 of Billboard Social 50.

At press time, the five members transitioned from ShowBT Philippines to a self-managed group under 1Z Entertainment.

They may also drop their group name, as the copyright belongs to its former management.

Members: Josh, Justin, Ken, Pablo, Stell


Famous Songs: "Alab," "Titaluha," "Gento," "Mapa," "Bazinga"

Rising P-pop groups as stars of OPM (4)


VER5US is an independent group that was formed in 2021. Its members are winners of the reality show POPinoy.

Members: Gab, Joerell, Ken, Kheene, Josh

Famous Songs: "Winner"


VXON is a boy group under Cornerstone Entertainment.

Its official debut happened on January 7, 2022, but it has been active since 2021.


Its five members can do hip hop, pop, and electronic dance music (EDM).

Members: C13, Franz, Patrick, Sam, Vince

Famous Songs: "The Beast," "Fiyaah, Dulo," "Pretty Please," "Lisan," "Reach the Top"


XOXO was officially launched on August 23, 2019, under GMA Artist Center and GMA Music.

Members: Dani, Lyra, Mel, Riel

Famous Songs: "XOXO"


Yara began teasing its fans on Enero 5, 2023, and released its debut single on February 8, 2023.

A month later, it announced being under Sony Music Philippines.

Members: Angelou, Christa, Kim, Rocher

Famous Songs: "Adda," "Para"


Yes My Love is a group under Cornerstone Entertainment. It officially made its debut on March 17, 2023, with the single "Rhythm."

Members: Brian, Eli, Jeff, Joshua, Niko, RZ

Famous Songs: "Rhythm," "Yayakapin"


Also known as You Go I Go, YGIG is a girl group under SBTown, an entertainment company led by Geong Seong Han (ShowBT Entertainment's former president).


The group officially debuted on November 25, 2022.

Members: Alexei, Darlene (former), Hazelyn, Jewel, JM, Maeg, Vien

Famous Songs: "BB," "Doob Doob," "IDKY," "Shaba Shaba," "Touchdown"

Rising P-pop groups as stars of OPM (2024)


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