Best DPS Weapons in Destiny 2 (2024) (2024)

The Destiny 2 DPS meta is always changing as Bungie buffs weapons, nerfs perks, changes how mechanics work, and so on. That makes staying on top of the best DPS weapons in the game a challenge, but things have been relatively stable for a while now, and unless something massive happens to change things (an expansion?), the weapons presented here will still be top-tier.

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Top DPS Weapons in Destiny 2 Ranked

There are a few new contenders in the ring nowadays, switching up the list of the best DPS weapons in Destiny 2, but you’ll probably notice a trend at the top of the list. Rocket Launchers. We’ll discuss that fact in more detail after the list of best overall options. Which starts now.

Crafted Apex Predator Rocket Launcher

Best DPS Weapons in Destiny 2 (2024) (1)

The Apex Predator from the Last Wish Raid is #1 on my list because it’s relatively easy to get (farm the first encounter and get the crafting pattern), and comes with one of the best DPS perks in the game: Bait and Switch. As long as you hit the boss with your other two weapons once, you get a massive 30% damage buff for 10 seconds. It also has great ammo economy and, as a Solar weapon, works well with other Solar buffs.

Cold Comfort Rocket Launcher

Best DPS Weapons in Destiny 2 (2024) (2)

Cold Comfort is only #2 because it’s locked behind the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon, a slog in both literal and figurative terms. There’s also no deterministic way to get it with the Envious Assassin and Bait and Switch perks it needs to be the absolute #1 DPS weapon in the game. Get it with those, though and you’re set.

Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher

Best DPS Weapons in Destiny 2 (2024) (3)

The original, iconic, legendary Exotic Rocket Launcher Gjallarhorn remains a beast in Destiny 2. And while it will never have its Destiny 1 vanilla power level, its purpose now is even more potent: buff other Rocket Launchers with its trademark Wolfpack Rounds and deal solid damage itself. Also, it’s awesome. Use it.

Edge Transit Heavy Grenade Launcher

Best DPS Weapons in Destiny 2 (2024) (4)

It happened. The bastards actually did it. Edge Transit was once a meme weapon, but now its BRAVE variant, first available during Into the Light, is actually meta-level DPS. Why? Envious Assassin and Bait and Switch, just like the best Rocket on our list. If you pair it with some Void damage buffs and other effects like Weakness, it’s an absolute monster and looks adorable.

Izanagi’s Burden Exotic Sniper Rifle

Best DPS Weapons in Destiny 2 (2024) (5)

The Black Armory’s pride and joy, and a longtime meta DPS rotation staple, Izanagi’s Burden is on the more technical side of DPS weapons. You need to do a special reload that combines all four of the bullets in the magazine into one super-bullet that deals absurd damage. The special reload is just long enough to allow auto-reload perks or other cooldowns to activate, making it a great supplement to any DPS setup.

Grand Overture Exotic Machine Gun

Best DPS Weapons in Destiny 2 (2024) (6)

Grand Overture is very much a one-and-done DPS monster. You shoot one shot at a time to build up a bank of ARC missiles that you can unleash in one massive burst. While one Grand Overture does solid damage, five or six of them can melt almost anything in the game without Bungie’s more recent stupidly large health bars.

Fourth Horseman Exotic Shotgun

Best DPS Weapons in Destiny 2 (2024) (7)

If you want one of the absolute highest burst DPS options in Destiny 2, the Fourth Horseman provides. It’s a more niche option, as it can only hold a maximum of five rounds in the cylinder, and you need a way to quickly reload to get the most of its damage, but there’s almost nothing in the game that can put as much lead downrange.

Parasite Exotic Heavy Grenade Launcher

Best DPS Weapons in Destiny 2 (2024) (8)

The Parasite is another niche use case, as it’s best in situations where you need lots and lots of damage very quickly, and its long reload often puts it out of the running against more consistent options. However, its one-explosion damage is higher than any other explosive option here, so big boom is definitely its specialty.

Hothead Rocket Launcher

Best DPS Weapons in Destiny 2 (2024) (9)

Once the godfather of DPS rocket launchers, the Hothead has since been dethroned but remains a solid option in the absence of anything else. It’s base damage is good, it has a great selection of damage perks, and multiple combinations of those perks. If you don’t have an Apex Predator, Hothead is even easier to get via focusing Vanguard engrams.

Whisper of the Worm Exotic Sniper Rifle

Best DPS Weapons in Destiny 2 (2024) (10)

The Whisper of the Worm has always been a top-tier DPS option, but it was eclipsed as bosses got more mobile with harder-to-hit weak spots. Enter the King’s Fall Raid and other encounters with static bosses, putting Whisper back on the menu. Also, look at it. It looks amazing.

Tractor Cannon Exotic Heavy Shotgun

Best DPS Weapons in Destiny 2 (2024) (11)

If you’re the dedicated debuff Guardian on your fireteam, Tractor Cannon is a fantastic choice. Hit any enemy once, and they’ll take 30% more damage for ten seconds. You need to be within Shotgun range to use it, but if you can, use it and get paid dividends.

The Best DPS Weapon Type in Destiny 2: Rocket Launchers

The best DPS weapons in Destiny 2 are rocket launchers. The Crafted Apex Predator from the Last Wish Raid is great for most situations and is (technically) easier to get your hands on. But the absolute best is the Cold Comfort Rocket Launcher from the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon with the Bait and Switch and Envious Assassin perks active.

Regardless of your choice of best DPS weapons, you’ll need to lean into every class’ ability to shorten or eliminate reloads, and you’ll need to use those to get the most out of any Rocket Launcher setup. The Hunter Exotic boots Radiant Dance Machines are the go-to for meta DPS rotations, though that’s a fairly niche use case.

There’s also the boss itself to consider. Atrax-1 in Deep Stone Crypt, for instance, has a unique damage rotation that favors Parasite over rockets, whereas Raid’s final boss, Tankis, has a more traditional damage strat. If the boss is a considerable distance away, moves around a lot, or all but requires you to use something with a better ammo economy than Rockets, you can substitute the following:

  • The Thunderlord Exotic Machine Gun.
  • A Crafted Cataclysmic Linear Fusion Rifle.
  • The Whisper of the Worm Exotic Heavy Sniper Rifle.

Long story short, if you want to do the absolute most damage in the game consistently, use rockets, or whatever is best for the specific encounter you’re in. For more Destiny 2 content, check out our D2 guides hub.

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Best DPS Weapons in Destiny 2 (2024) (2024)


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